Karrie wearing Mary Magdalene, by Kitkat Photography: Photoshoot in Fryer Library

Karrie (Instagram @ tangled.larper) in Lolita fashion brand Mary Magdalene, by Kitkat Photography (Instagram @ kitkat_photog)

As part of the closing events of the physical exhibition in 2021, we invited cosplayers and lovers of Japanese fashion cultures, as well as photographers, to do a photoshoot at the Fryer Library at The University of Queensland.

The first shots are in!

This photograph is particularly appealing for us. We can’t help but think of Beauty in the Beast’s library in the classic fairy tale.

One of our upcoming projects (a co-authored work by Masafumi Monden, Emerald King, and Lucy Fraser) will include a chapter of images of girl readers in retellings of “Beauty and the Beast”. In this chapter we’ll discuss how Japanese shōjo (girl) culture and academic shōjo studies offer insights into fictional imaginings of girls who love to read – not just in Japanese fiction but English-language works too.


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