Oscar’s Dress

Some of you may be familiar with Ikeda Riyoko’s Rose of Versailles and it’s cross dressing, swash buckling hero,  Oscar François de Jarjayes. Oscar is the youngest daughter of the Commander of the French Royal Guards. After 6 daughters, the Commander has all but given up on a son and heir and so he teaches Oscar everything a military son should know.

While Oscar has a number of military outfits as she rises through the ranks, she only ever wears one dress – the Robe l’Odalisque.

In 2012 I was writing my PhD and occaisionally attending cosplay events. I wanted to enter a ‘big’ competition and, at that time, noone from my state had entered the Madman National Cosplay Championships (an Australia wide cosplay championship that ran for 11 years from 2009). I allowed myself to sew only on Sunday evenings (as a treat) and eventually made the pink manga version of Oscar’s dress. You can find an interview and my skit here.

(I have spent far too many years obsessing over this dress – you can find out more in “La Robe à la Française et la Robe l’Odalisque: Wearing women’s clothing in The Rose of Versailles” in Studies in Costume & Performance, Volume 6, Number 1, 1 June 2021, pp. 29-4  https://doi.org/10.1386/scp_00034_1)


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